if you isolate an area of the planet .......

you will have all the radiation coming from the nuclear power station earth
up to you ..... with out the dissipation from the maybe cold day .....
in your moderate climate ......

and if you measure the temperature of the ground on a hot day
in your moderate climate >
you will ... depending on the evaporation rate of the water in this >

and the vegetation cover over it > be finding the ground a lot cooler > as the air !

you can use these phenomena to have
a permanent air ventilation

with around 50f air ... summer or winter ... in your building
with out the high power consumption of a regular .... air conditioning
or heating up all the way from winter temperatures !

so .... you can build a set up like this ..... above !

with a small cpu fan>
permanently operated with capacitive down regulated old transformer
hp printer power supply eg
which not even will
turn the meter without any thing else !

if you want to improve on this .......
then you take the air in a ....... well and a copper pipe
up to 4' below ground water > because of the heat conductivity

now .... most ground water supplies .... vary in their level .... so > this be low will adjust to this >
and .... to improve the effectiveness > we can add a geo pre heater > be vor going into the well itself ....

if your ground water level is 30' or more .....

you can fashion this setup above >
where as the heat exchanger is burried in the damp sand >
transfering the energy from the ground water to the air for ventilating your building !

if you are needing water as well >
you can add this at the same time or seperately ....

you will need a provision > to prime the pump > before taking up operation !

galactic design